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Why Voodoo

It started simply enough as a hobby, but in no time the guitar quickly became my passion and tone my obsession. Over more than 20 years of song writing and playing as a professional in bands, as a session player, engineering and producing projects I was never satisfied with the tone. So began my quest for my own personal Holy Grail - great tone. There has been much trial and error with many, many different amps as well as guitar effects. Dissatisfaction led me to start modifying amps to get the tones I was looking for. Eventually I started designing my own circuits and Voodoo Amps was born.

Since it's founding in 1998, we at Voodoo Amps have focused on a single goal - crafting more flexible and reliable ways to achieve great tone with vintage tones as well as high gain while always maintaining articulation and definition at all times.

Our business is guitar tone.
                  Trace Davis

What's the big deal?  - Tone makes all the difference in our appreciation of music. You may think it's a song's structure, hooks or even lyrics and while these are all very important, the magic is the tone that we hear when we listen to music. We believe that good tone makes a song feel better at a different level (call it sub-conscious if you want). And great tone elevates a song in our psyche from "nice" to a gut-level emotional experience. And that, my friends, is a big deal.

Our Mission  - Voodoo Amps is a straight forward guitar products and service company truly obsessed with tone and intensely focused on providing high-quality tone products at affordable prices for guitar players. We value partnerships and view our relationships with our customers, crew, and vendors as a partnership. We take personal responsibility to maintain each of these partnerships.

Teamwork is crucial to our success - enabling us to be the best we can be for our customers and ourselves. Our objective is to grow personally and professionally as well as to be recognized as global leaders in guitar tone. Our goal is a working environment that's fun and creative, allowing us strong, controlled growth, and annual profitability. Our work environment is enjoyable and productive, a place where positive attitudes reign.

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