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Lead Times


Updated July 24th, 2019

  • Lead Times - Please call or email for estimated lead times.
  • Custom ModsAny order the goes beyond a Standardized Mod / Product build, is considered a Custom Mod / Build. There are no guaranteed turn around times for Custom Mods and Builds. IE: some Mods are more simplistic in design while others are much more in depth. Trace Davis designs all Custom Mods & performs the final Fine-Line-Tweaking process. All components have tolerances & this process is part of the art form of what we do. This is done so each amp sounds & feels as intended so that each amp is inspiring. Approximate turn around times are 6-9 months & longer in certain cases.


Updated June 10th, 2016 - Due to increased business & we are running at max capacity, we are no longer accepting repairs.

  • Will you repair an amplifier you have Modified? -  Yes, please see the Voodoo Modification Warranty listed under the 'FAQ's' page.
  • Do you offer repairs on Voodoo Amps Products? -  Yes, please see the Voodoo Warranty page listed under the 'FAQ's page.


Do you offer a Rush Service? 

  • Rush Service -  Rush orders are accepted and the total bill is doubled less shipping / handling costs.
  • Note -- Rush Orders must be agreed upon in advance and /or prior to shipping your unit or dropped off in person. This is necessary to ensure we can accommodate your schedule & needs. No exceptions.


  • Turn around times can be extended or lengthened depending on how busy we are. If you are on a tight schedule please check with us prior to shipping your amp or you may wish to use our Rush Service.
  • Note - Turn around times are extended if an unit requires De-Modification and / or repair. IE: Extra work takes extra time.

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