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Add On Controls



Voodoo Amps® Add-On Control Features!



  Add-On Controls        



"Increase versatility & dial in what you want to hear!"



Bottom Control™  Adjustable pot
Bottom Control™ (push/pull)    Adjustable pot w/ push/pull feature
Bright Switches™  MIni Toggle & Push / Pull features
Cream Control™  Adjustable pot
Feel Control™  5-Position rotarty swtich 
FX-Loops 3 FX-Loops to choose from!
Gain Boost Mini toggle switch
Gain Boost  Push/pull pot
Global Control™ Sweepable mids - Adjustable pot
Half Power Switch Reduces output volume
Master Volume Post Phase Inverter adjustable pot
Mid-Girth Control™ Sweepable Mid-Boost - Adjustable pot
Mid Slice Control™  Bring out the pick attack! - Adjustable pot
Sag Switch Simulate the feel of a tube rectifier!













Note - Drilling may or may not be required. Please consult with one of our techs if you have any questions



"Get inspired - upgrade your tone now!" 

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Global: "This is the 'center' frequency the amp responds in, can go from Mesa low-mid to Marshall High-mid and even Fender High-High and it really works! I am all over the place on this control as it utterly changes tone. Very awesome!” – Alex Contie CA

Global & Bottom: “Make sure to get the global knob add on and for over the top low end get the bottom control. The global makes the biggest difference in my opinion as it is a sweep-able mid giving girth to the tone while the bottom tightens up the lows and shakes you to the bone with ooomph comparable to Harley motorcycles rumble. Save yourself the expense of experimenting with expensive alternatives and give Trace a call. You wont regret it.” - Rob Singleton, MI

Bottom: “This pot adds considerable bottom (low mids) and girth to the amp. Perfect for 3-peice bands where the guitar has lots of room to sound big. Global: This is a VERY useful control, and acts very similar to the midrange frequency control on a recording/PA console. it sets the operating range for the mids, where 80% of you guitar signal resides. This affects the whole tone characteristics of the amp.” – Jeff Fisher VA

Global: “The Global control basically shifts the mid frequency on the amp. I can roll it up higher and get this fat mid-mid chunky type of vibe or I can turn it down and take it back to the old school Marshall high mid extremely bright rip your head off type of vibe" – Dale Breithhaupt, LA

The push/pull switch "Will boost the mids and make them jump out at you or you leave it pushed in and scoop them out. The global know really tightens up the low end. All of the knobs and switches actually do something as opposed to some amps where you "tweak" and wonder why they even put the knob or switch on the amp in the first place. Awesome features that really change the whole personality of the amp. From blues to metal, this amp will give you what you want." – Michael Meyers

Tube Buffered FX-Loop: “Has enough tweaks to work with any effect you can imagine. Check with him for details, but it has a toggle for 0db or -20db, level controls and a wet/dry mix control. Very, very versatile and tube-buffered.” – Nick Totoro, VA

Bottom: “Voodoo added a "Bottom" control which opens up the low end and adds very focused and tight bass response. The added "Global" control allows me to sweep the entire mid spectrum of the whole amp to dial in the best possible response for my very tight and defined shred tone.” Michael Taylor – IA

Bottom, Global & Cream mods: "Each of which are extremely useful and shape the sound in very distinct ways. The Bottom mod adds tightness to the overall sound; the Global mod changes the tone somehow (I'm not exactly certain as to what it does, all I know is that is sounds awesome regardless of how I set it;) and the cream mod smoothes out the sound and gradually cuts the highs, and basically takes that ice pick out of your ear"  - Ben Johnson, IL

“They put their Witchdoctor circuit into it along with some other features including, Bass and Mid Boost pull pots, "Global" and "Bottom" knobs, and a "Feel" selector. All the Features actually do what they are supposed to. The Mid and Bass boosts actually boost the Mids and Bass. The "Global" knob sweeps across the whole spectrum of Mids and treble allowing you to dial in exactly what you want to hear. The feel knob dials in five different actual feels on the amp.” – Dave Ballon, CA


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