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Voodoo Amps® Bottom Controls™  



Description / Specs:

  • Exclusive to Voodoo Amps®
  • Recommend for all styles of music
  • Similar to Resonance, Density or Depth control
  • Dial in the perfect amount of deep / rich bottom end 
  • Palm mutes are smooth, tight  & balanced
  • Focused bottom end 
  • Smooth and easy to play on
  • Added control pot & knob
  • Can be added to front of rear of chassis - Drilling may be required
  • Location of control(s) is dependent on model of amp - Email with questions
  • To upgrade to this control feature please add to "notes section" of Mod-Form 
  • Want more versatility? Upgrade to our push/pull Bottom Control™
  • Pricing varies depending on make & model of amp



Description / Specs:

  • Same as regular Bottom Control but with a push / pull feature
  • Bigger / tighter bottom end when control is pulled out
  • Exclusive to Voodoo Amps®
  • Pricing varies depending on make & model of amp


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Customer Feedback  “Make sure to get the global knob add on and for over the top low end get the bottom control. The Bottom tightens up the lows and shakes you to the bone with ooomph comparable to Harley motorcycles rumble. Save yourself the expense of experimenting with expensive alternatives and give Trace a call. You wont regret it.” - Rob Singleton, MI

Customer Feedback  “This pot adds considerable bottom/low mids and girth to the amp. Perfect for three piece bands where the guitar has lots of room to sound big." - Jeff Fisher, VA

Customer Feedback  “Voodoo added a Bottom control which opens up the low end and adds very focused and tight bass response. The added Global control allows me to sweep the entire mid spectrum of the whole amp to dial in the best possible response for my very tight and defined shred tone.” - Michael Taylor, IA

Customer Feedback  “Bass and Mid Boost pull pots, Global and Bottom knobs, and a Feel selector. All the Features actually do what they are supposed to. The Mid and Bass boosts actually boost the Mids and Bass.” - Dave Ballon, CA

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