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Voodoo Amps® Half Power Switch  


  "HALF POWER" SWITCH  $79.95 to $99.95 depending on the amp

Description / Specs:

  • For 25w, 50w, 100w & 120 watt tube amplifiers
  • Reduces over all power / wattage of amp
  • Perfect for players who gig in small, med to large venues
  • Ideal for at-home playing, live gigs and recording
  • Added heavy-duty Carling switch 
  • Installed on rear of chassis - Drilling may be required
  • Can be installed in place of Ground / Polarity switch
  • Note - Amp must be in stand-by mode to change settings
  • Location of control(s) is dependent on model of amp - Email with questions
  • To Upgrade to this control feature please add to "notes section" of Mod-Form
  • Pricing varies depending on make & model of amp 


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Customer Feedback  “My HG-Jose Modded Marshall is killer but the Half Power Switch gives me the perfect amount of versatility I needed! We play shows in clubs that hold 100 to 500 people as well as gigs that are outdoors (where you need more power) and the half power switch makes is perfect for every show! Thanks and Voodoo Rawks!!” - Tom Chase, CA

Customer Feedback  “My old 73' non master 50 watt Marshall was LOUD to begin with. I use an attenuator but no matter what attenuator I use (and I've owned them all) they always color the tone under heavy attenuation. I got the Post Phase Inverter Master Volume and that has helped a lot. The tone is much better than just using an attenuator but I wanted to hit the power tubes a little harder. I had the Half Power Switch installed in place of the Ground Switch, which I never used so it's on the front of my amp and it looks completely stock. I set the amp to Half Power and now I can get the sweet-spot every time without having to use an attenuator. For the price it's the best investment I have made in a long while.." - Donald Dickerson, VA

Customer Feedback  “My older Fender Deluxe Reverb has been the amp I compare all others to. It's just loud enough for most blues gigs but in some of the smaller bars it's too loud. My amp had a Ground Switch and I have Voodoo put in their Half Power Switch. My amp has 2=6V6 power tubes so it's around 20 watts or so but  when it's in half power it's about 10 watts! I can crank my amp up and not have to use a tube screamer. I get all the sustain and overdrive straight from the amp!! In half power mode the amp sounds warmer with a bit of highs rolled off but anyone with the same amp knows a cranked Fender will get bright so it's not a big deal at all. Wished I had it years ago but I'm happy as hell I got it now!” - Jared Fullton, CA

Customer Feedback  “I checked around and Voodoo came highly recommended. I ain't got a lot of money but I wanted it done right so I spent weeks surfin the net. I called several other shops as well and I wont name any  names but it seemed as if I was wasting their time. I know I wasn't gonna be spending a ton of money but Voodoo never made me feel like I was being rushed off the phone. I ALWAYS got a human on the phone when I called including the owner himself! How rare is that!? Sent the amp and they turned it around quick  and their work is the cleanest I've seen. I'm a customer for life and will send them everything I have. Oh yeh their Half Power Switch works very well!” -Craig Argato, NJ

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