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Chris Traynor of Bush! – Last summer we were out on the road with Bush & took a close up pic of Chris’ Live Rig showing the Platinum Modified JMP-1 Preamp. We also have a rack mount Dual Rectifier in the shop being worked on as well as a Platinum Mod to a Marshall EL34 100/100 power amp. Chris is an amazing guitarist & has played with other acts such as Helmet, Orange 9mm, Blur & has been a session guitarist on countless recordings.

This is the same Mod we've done for other players such as;

Billy F. Gibbons - ZZ Top
Brad Whitford - Aerosmith
Dave Murry - Iron Maiden
Keith Urban
Barry Stock - Three Days Grace
Vivian Campbell - Def Leppard / Whitesnake / Dio
Jason Hook - 5 Finger Death Punch
Neal Schon - Journey
Michael Wilton - Queensryche
Billy Corgan - Smashing Pumpkins & many others!

Marshall JMP-1 Platinum Mod Info & FAQ's

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