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Joe Perry of Aerosmith – We’ve been super busy & haven’t had a chance to post this until now. Here is a vintage blond Bassman we Modified & can be heard in Joe’s live rig with Aerosmith throughout their Vegas residency. This amp had been in Joe’s storage locker for some time & was strident in the high end, hard to play & in need of some well deserved TLC. For more info please read on!

We performed a CapJob with custom values as well as new 2 watt resistors in B+ / high voltage rail, we converted the stock Bias Supply over to an adjustable Bias Supply, rebuilt the Rectifier & Bias Supply board as it had been poorly worked on by a prior tech. Numerous carbon comp resistors were off tolerance & noisy, Several coupling & signal caps were leaking DC & there were a great deal of cold solder connections from the previous tech. We repaired all the cold solder connections & proceeded forward with Modding the amp to better suit Joe’s playing style as well as blend with the rest of his live rig.

The stock AC Power Cable has been replaced with a thin orange extension cord. We replaced this with one of our Voodoo V50/50 8FT IE Power Cables. We disconnected the Ground switch, Properly cleaned all control pots as well as all tube sockets, grounds & placed the amp on our proprietary break in rig before shipping the amp out to Las Vegas. Over all we rebuilt 90% of the amplifier.

This is just a brief over view of the work performed & we have 2 additional vintage black face Bassmans we are currently finalizing as well as a vintage Vox AC30 combo for Joe. We also have a new product we are working on per Joe's request, more to follow on that soon.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask & I will reply as time allows. Happy 4th of July holiday to those who reside here in the USA! Please feel free to share as you like or tag a friend! Have an amazing day today & don’t forget to do a kindness for someone along the way – Trace Davis, President / Founder

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