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Platinum "50/50" Series Cables

"In arenas, clubs & recording studios throughout the USA"


Instrument cables  Low-capacitance custom cable coupled with heavy-duty ¼” Neutrix connectors and a dual braided shield allows 100% of your tone to pass through to your amplifier while keeping unwanted noise out!

Speaker cable  Our 13ga Mogami speaker cable. Get the body and girth you have been missing with our (13ga) speaker cable. It’s so thick-&-chunky there is only one large barrel 1’4” connector that will fit it. This is the same high quality wire we use in all of our speaker cabinets and combo amplifiers


50-50 Series IEC-Power cable  We called on our endorsees to help put this to the test in the studio and on the road.  With reports of improved bottom end, focused mids and highs that were more open, it was as much of a surprise to them as it will be to you. Rivaling other high end brands for a 1/3 of the price!

 Note - Cable lengths are measured from barrel end to barrel end.


"Reliability you can count on backed by a life-time warranty"  


V50/50-1 $19.95 1ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-1-1R $22.95 1ft 1- 1/4" & 1 right angle
V50/50-1-2R $24.95 1ft 2 right angle
V50/50-3 $19.95 3ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-3-1R $21.95 3ft 1- 1/4" & 1 right angle
V50/50-3-2R $25.95 3ft 2 right angle
V50/50-6 $20.95 6ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-6-1R $22.95 6ft 1- 1/4" & 1 right angle
V50/50-6-2R $26.95 6ft 2 right angle
V50/50-10 $21.95 10ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-10-1R $25.95 10ft 1- 1/4" & 1 right angle
V50/50-10-2R $27.95 10ft 2 right angle
V50/50-15 $24.95 15ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-15-1R $28.95 15ft 1- 1/4" & 1 right angle
V50/50-15-2R $31.95 15ft 2 right angle
V50/50-20 $27.95 20ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-20-1R $31.95 20ft 1- 1/4" & 1 right angle
V50/50-20-2R $34.95 20ft 2 right angle
V50/50-25 $30.95 25ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-25-1R $34.95 25ft 1- 1/4" & 1 right angle
V50/50-25-2R $35.95 25ft 2 right angle
V50/50-SP3 $34.95 3ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-SP6 $49.95 6ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-SP10 $72.95 10ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-SP25 $159.95 25ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-SP50 $336.95 50ft 2 - Straight
V50/50-IEC-8 $30.95 8ft 1-Male / 1-Female



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Customer Feedback: "They are much better than the Planet Waves and Monster cables I've owned in the past. I'm going to order up some speaker cable today." - Brad Goeser, IA

Customer Feedback: "They make some of the best cables on the market." - Randy Walker, CA

Customer Feedback: "The cables came yesterday and I wasn't' expecting much of a difference because I was only playing through my Tubeman preamp into headphones. I was wrong the new cables made a big difference in the clarity of my sound." - Chris Fender, MO

Customer Feedback: "I used to live and die by Monster Cables. But once I heard the Voodoo 50/50's, I was angry at myself for what I had been missing in my tone all of those years." - Bill Buckley, MA

Customer Feedback: "Yeah, I gotta say I love my voodoo cables. I've got a 15 footer before my pedalboards, a 10 footer after and around 22 pedals in between (with george L's) and I don't miss a wink of treble. My tone is punchy, full, and full of bite. I have had them for 6 months and I can't say enough about them." - Colorsoundkid, HC forums

Customer Feedback: "They sounded even better at practice, i have 7 pedals in my signal chain, and your cables really helped clear up my signal. It sounds like when I plugged straight into my amp with my other cables, up there I had a mix of monster cables and the George L's." - George Phillips, NY

Customer Feedback: "Nice job on the Voodoo Amps cables. I've been a die hard George L's user and now have one of yours in my rig and am just as happy." - Dave Miller, OH

Customer Feedback: "The tone does sound clearer and cleaner overall, even though I'm running a lot of gain. They have a real nice sturdy feel too, very well built. If you're curious about Voodoo's cables, go on and check them out, they are well worth it" - Monty-Jay Fohrenkam, AK

Customer Feedback: "Now, if you have really muddy pickups...I would say go with a monster....but they would have to be really muddy.They actually have a similar tone, but the overall feel is bigger with the voodoo." - Daniel Gan, HC amps forum




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