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Repair and Service

Repair and Service



Update 06-10-2016 -Voodoo Amps Products - We offer full repair & service of Voodoo Amps manufactured products. If you have a Warranty Claim please see our Warranty Page. If you would like one of products repaired, serviced, retubed or recapped - Please contact us via emai.

Other Manufacturers Products - At this time we are no longer accepting items made by other manufacturers for repair. - Thank you, Voodoo Amps. 

Do I have to include the Repair-Form? – A Repair-Form must accompany all repair(s). Note: If the Repair-Form is not present with your amp, an additional processing fee of $25 will be applied. If you are delivering your unit in person you can fill out a Repair Form at our facility. Please call (607) 256-0465 to schedule an appointment.

Price Cap -  We highly recommend setting a price-cap for the unit(s) you ave having repaired or serviced. Please place the Price-Cap in the 'Notes' section of the Repair Form. IE:"If it's $200 or less please fix it - if it' looks like it will be over $200 please call me first."

Updated 06-10-2016 - What is your hourly rate for repairs -  After more than a decade we have had to raise our hourly shop rate to $150 an hour. If you have amps here for service or repair prior to 10-20-2016 we will perform the work at $150 an hour. As per the notation at the top of this page, we are not longer accepting repairs for other manufacturers products, only Voodoo Amps Products.

Voodoo techs are highly trained and specialize in tube guitar amp circuitry. We have 50 years worth of combined experience. We also encourage you to do the research on Voodoo Amps® and we have hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers.

Minimum Bench Fee -  Our minimum bench fee for refused estimates is $100.00.

Will the minimum bench fee of $100 count towards the work I am having done to my unit - Yes it will, however, if you do not wish to proceed with the necessary repairs you will be charged the $100 minimum bench fee. The minimum fee will count towards your over all bill if you are having your amp serviced, re-furbed or repaired. IE: $100 minimum + 1 hour's worth of labor = $250

What if there is no problem found -  A minimum bench fee of $100 will apply. IE: You will be charged for repair work requested on items that are found to be working properly according to Voodoo Repair standards 

Rush Service – Rush Service is available for an additional 50% of the total bill less shipping/handling & less New York State Sales Tax.

Turn-around time on Rush Service is to be arranged with the service manager and is subject to certain conditions. Conditions include parts availability, severity of repair work requested, shipping schedules, etc.

Storage Fee -  Repairs not paid for or picked up within two (2) days from the date of completion will be charged $20.00 per day as a storage fee.

Abandoned Repairs/Items -  Repairs not paid for or picked up within (30) days from the date of completion will be sold without notice as Voodoo Amplification, Inc. inventory to recover the cost of the repair and storage.




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