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For maximum tone & reliability  all tubes are properly Burned-In,  then Tested / Selected 

Voodoo Amps™ carries a variety of tubes to meet your needs. All tubes are burned in for 96 hours on our proprietary burned-in racks. Our racks are based on the original burn-in racks used by tube manufacturers decades past. Not only does it improve your tone, it also improves performance & reliability. After the burn-in process we then test, select & match tubes. Your tubes will sound better, feel better & last longer.




Type & Description

Electro-Harmonix 6550EH - $79.95  pair/duet
Great tube for Ampeg SVT's and SUNN amps! The 6550EH offers excellent linearity, power handling capacity and heat dissipation. Four-pillar construction and mica spacers help maintain a rugged mechanical reliability. Offers classic tones at high volumes/levels. The 6550EH is a great modern production tube for any amp using 6550 or KT88. Special order.


Electro-Harmonix 6CA7EH - $44.95  pair/duet
Designed after the Philips/Sylvania 6CA7 tube that EVH used back in the day. Great in the bottom end, punchy in the mids and smooth/open on the top end. Excellent choice for rock players or high-gain metal players. Retains the clarity, detail and component integrity much like the original versions. A direct replacement for any EL34. Special order.

  Electro-Harmonix 6L6EH - $39.95  pair/duet
Similar in construction to the 6L6GC Black plate and an improved version of the Sovtek 6L6WXT+ while boasting an improved construction as well as sonic performance. Also included improved microphonics and dampening. Special order.
  Electro-Harmonix 6V6EH - $33.95  pair/duet
A rugged 6V6 that also sounds good and is road worthy. the 6V6EH has a specific alignment of the grids, tri-alloy plate material and specially developed cathode coating. While some run this tube at 475 volts we recommend staying around 400 volts. Excellent tube for most 6V6 equipped amps. Special Order.

Electro-Harmonix EL34EH - $36.95  pair/duet
Smooth, rich, lean in the lower mids and very musical. Great for older EL34 amps, older Marshalls and high gain amps. According to the technical journal, Vacuum Tube Valley, the " EL34-EH tube comes very close to the sonics of a Mullard EL34..." They go on to say, "The Electro-Harmonix tube is balanced throughout the entire music spectrum. Bass goes deep and is tight, mids are sweet and well defined and highs are detailed and extended." Special Order.


Electro-Harmonix EL84EH - $26.95  pair/duet
Great in Vox AC30's and other EL84 based amps. Electro Harmonix faithfully recreates the classic Mullard design. Tri-lam plate material and selected screen wire increase thermal dissipation. The EL84-EH tube is a remarkable reproduction of a vintage tube that is capable of maintaining its sweet and musical tone under any voltage conditions. They do tend to pull more current. Special Order.


Electro-Harmonix KT88EH - $68.95  pair/duet
An improved version! The new KT88EH tube is here. In this KT88 tube, a new geometry is utilized to reduce odd order harmonics for a sweet top end while the peak power is extended to improve low frequency response. A new glass formula body ensures long life and improved reliability. The perfect choice when the authentic sound is needed. Sweet top end with the big/tight detailed bottom end.Special Order.





Type & Description

Genalex - Gold Lion GL KT66 - $79.95  pair/duet
A reissue of the original Genalex Gold Lion KT66. Rich bottom end, balanced midrange, open top end, articulate, very little compression compared to 6L6's, excellent touch response, tons of headroom compared to 6L6's with a great deal of dynamics. A direct drop in for 6L6's. Special Order.

Genalex - Gold Lion GL KT77 - $94.95  pair/duet
A reissue of the original Genalex Gold Lion KT77. Tight bottom end, pronounced midrange, articulate, very little compression compared to EL34's, excellent touch response, lots of headroom compared to EL34's with a great deal of dynamics. A direct replacement for EL34's and 6CA7's. Special Order.

Genalex - Gold Lion GL KT88 - $118.95  pair/duet
A reissue of the original Genalex Gold Lion KT88. Big bottom end, lean-n-clear midrange, very articulate, little to no compression compared to 6550's, excellent touch response, increased headroom compared to 6550's with a great deal of dynamics. A direct replacement for 6550's. Special Order.




Mullard EL34 - $48.95  pair/duet
A reissue of the famous Mullard EL34. A warm smooth EL34 with mellow highs. Balanced lows helping to prevent boomy bottom end, smooth midrange, warm/round top end. Great for older Marshalls that are bright and overly pronounced in the mids. Similar construction to the Svetlana EL34 from New Sensor Corp. Special Order.

Mullard EL84 - $37.95  pair/duet
A reissue of the famous Mullard EL84/6BQ5. Excellent EL84 for bluesy players looking for early break up with lower headroom. When pushed into break up the tone is smooth, creamy and very musicial. Perfect EL84 if you want a dirty tone with break up.  

NOTE: Due to the larger diameter of the glass envelope, this EL84 will NOT fit in the following amplifiers: VOX reissue AC15, Marshall DSL201, Marshall DSL401. Special Order.




Ruby  6L6GCMSTR - $49.95  pair/duet
One of the very best sounding 6L6's in modern production! Reliable, musical with tons of punch. Focused bottom, punchy midrange, smooth/open top end and over all sweet tone. A propritary Ruby design based on the original Phillips STR/6L6GC and made in the Shuguang factory. Excellent in both vintage and modern high gain amps. We recommend this for 6L6 for most Mesa, Fender and Peavey amps.

Ruby 6V6GTBC - $30.95  pair/duet
One of the very best sounding & rugged 6V6's in modern production! Very balanced, excellent presence, musical, warm bottom end, focused/punchy midrange, open/airy top end and sounds great when pushed into break up. This is the same tube we use in all of our 10 watt singled ended series. Excellent choice for Deluxe Reverb amps!

Ruby EL34L (JJ) - $34.95  pair/duet
A JJ tube. Tight bottom end, strong/pronounced midrange, warm top end. Slightly higher grid voltage (-13.5 to -16.5 vs -10 to -13.5 volts for the EL34) than other EL34's. As with many of the Eastern European tubes, mechanical noise is an issue if used in high power combo style amps. Special Order.

Ruby EL34BSTR - $36.95  pair/duet
One of the most reliable EL34's on the market today. A large bottle Chinese EL34 (same as Sino EL34B). Uncluttered/lean in the low mids, punchy, smooth top end and very reliable. Imagine combining the upper mids of an EL34 with the bottom and top end of a 6L6. Great choice if you are tuning below drop-C and great for modern high gain amps.

Ruby KT66C - $70.95  pair/duet
Similar to the KT66's used in the Marshall reissue JTM 45. These tubes need to be biased hot to sound their best. Recommended for clean tones verses overdriven or pushed tones. If you are looking for a raw tone when cranking your amp the KT66C will work well. Acceptable for use in most 6L6 tube amps, but not all. Made in the Shuguang factory. Special Order.

Ruby KT77CZ - $44.95  pair/duet
A JJ tube. Very pronounced in the midrange, smooth/warm top end, more headroom and not as compressed compared to an EL34. A direct replacement for EL34's and 6CA7's. Special Order.

Ruby KT88CZ - $91.95  pair/duet
A JJ tube. Tone is similar to the original GEC KT88. Big bottom end, lean in the midrange, warm top end, lots of headroom. Works well in certain Marshall amps as a 6550 replacement, older Ampeg & SUNN amps, etc. A direct replacement for 6550's. Special Order.

Ruby KT88STR - $86.95  pair/duet
A new KT88 built in the style of the older British KT88's. Big bottom end, lean/focused midrange, articulate, little to no compression compared to 6550's, excellent touch response, increased headroom compared to 6550's with a great deal of dynamics. A direct replacement for 6550's. Special order.




SED Manufacturer Is No Longer Producing Power Tubes





Sovtek 5881WXT - $35.95  pair/duet
Rugged, built to military standards and tolerates higher voltages than most other 6L6 tubes. Commonly used/relabeled by Fender/Groove Tubes to GT-6L6B, Mesa Boogie STR425. This tube is not an outstanding sounding tube but it is definitely a work horse as well as being affordable and rugged. If you use rack gear and/or lots of pedals to shape your sound this tube will work well. Not the best choice for plugging your guitar straight in. Special Order.


Sovtek  6550WE - $59.95  pair/duet
Big bottom end, lean in the lower midrange with an emphasis on the upper midrange. Compresses more than most 6550's and when pushed the upper mids are very pronounced and crunchy making it great for rock players. If you like EL34's but want a bit more head room with more bite this will be up your alley. Special Order.


Sovtek 6L6GB - $29.95  pair/duet
The Sovtek 6L6GB is another very popular and widely used tube by multiple manufacturers. The Sovtek 6L6GB is a cost effective and also offers reliability and better tone than 6L6's in the same price range. Special Order.


Sovtek EL84 - $21.95  pair/duet
Reliable, good value and it is affordable. For years now this tube has been used by Fender, Mesa, Crate, Peavey and other manufacturers of tube amps. This tube has under gone continuous improvements. In cathode biased amps such as the VOX they will suffer some effects from heating/cooling and as such is not recommended for amps with poor air circulation. It will become very noisy over time. Special Order.


Sovtek EL84M - $35.95  pair/duet
A military-spec version of the standard Sovtek EL84. Improved voltage tolerance, plate dissipation, higher transconductance, more power and longer life than the less expensive EL84 The EL84 does have a warmer distortion where are EL84M is tighter and cleaner - Perfect for clean tones. Chosen by Matchless for their designs. Good replacement for the 7189. Special Order.

NOTE: Due to the larger diameter of the glass envelope, this EL84 will NOT fit in the following amplifiers: VOX reissue AC15, Marshall DSL201, Marshall DSL401


Sovtek  KT88- $59.95  pair/duet
Smooth, warm and open sounding. Bottom end is a bit loose but not tubby/woofy, mids are lean/focused, top end is very present. The unique tri-alloy plate structure of the Sovtek KT88 yields higher minimum plate current and higher transconductance while improving heat dissipation and reducing tube warm-up time.  Good replacement KT88 for the price. A direct replacement for 6550's. Special Order.




Svetlana 6550C - $64.95  pair/duet
Made by New Sensor Corp. Reliable, consistent and affordable. Big bottom end, lean mids, clean clear highs, tons of power and headroom. One of the best current production 6550's on the market today. Vacuum Tube Valley reviewed this tube and found it to be the best budget 6550 available. They noted it's smooth, liquid bass, natural sound, and openness. Used by Audio Research and Marshall. Excellent in older Ampeg SVT's, Leslies and Marshalls. Special Order.

Svetlana 6L6GC - $44.95  pair/duet
Made by by New Sensor Corp. Balanced, smooth, warm and chewy. Rich/deep bottom end, chewy midrange, smooth/warm top end. Recommended for blues, light or classic rock but not modern high gain tones. These are unlike any other New Sensor 6L6 out there right now and very similar to the SED's. Great tone and great price. Special Order.

Svetlana KT88 - $68.95  pair/duet
Made by by New Sensor Corp. Similar tonal characteristics to the Genalex KT88 Gold Lion but more pronounced bottom end. The construction of gold-plated molybdenum alloy grid and carbon-coated screen grid makes it one of the best current production KT88 on the market. This tube can be used in most applications where you would use the 6550. Special Order!




Tung Sol 5881 (short) - $43.95  pair/duet
The best sounding short bottle 5881 on the market. Smooth, warm and creamy! Tone is very simliar to the original short bottle 5881's - great compression with the tonal characteristics you would expect from older NOS orginals but at a 1/3 of the price. Excellent choice for the '56 Bassman LTD and many prefer this in the '57 Twin Reissue. Special Order.

This NOT a direct replacement for a 6L6. Tungsol 5881 is a 23 watt tube and is rated for a maximum plate voltage of 400Vdc. Tung-Sol 6L6GC-STR tubes are rated for 30 watts and 500V making them a direct replacement for most 6L6's while offering a similar tone to the Tung-Sol 5881's. 

Tung Sol 6550 - $89.95  pair/duet
Reissue of the original Tung Sol 6550, constructed to the original specs with excellent build quality. Tight bottom end, the midrange is warmer and smoother than most 6550's, extended top end and they can handle very high current, Great alternative to expensive NOS tubes. Special Order.

Tung Sol 6L6G - $53.95  pair/duet
An efficient, large bottle 6L6 that is similar in design to the old 6L6’s used in tube radios and amplifiers in the 1940’s. There are those who do not only want the older vintage tone but also want the older vintage look as well - If this is you then look no further. Special Order.

Tung Sol 6L6GC-STR - $46.95  pair/duet
Efficient and built to withstand the heavy rigors of higher plate voltages. Will take up to to 500V & up to 30 watts of power. The Tungsol 6L6GC-STR is a good choice for any new or vintage guitar amp. If you want a 6L6 that can take higher plate voltages along with smooth/creamy overdrive all while sounding musical - this is your 6L6. Special Order.

Tung Sol 6V6GT - $39.95  pair/duet
Smooth and creamy! For vintage 6V6 tones this tube is hard to beat. The Tung-Sol 6V6GT was designed with thicker plates and grid materials that allow for the handling of higher voltages used in guitar amps. The results are snug bottom end, creamy mids and silky smooth top end that is commonly associated with the classic 6V6's. The preferred OEM tube of ’50s-era Fender Tweed Champ and Deluxe amplifiers. Less compression than EH or JJ. A must for blues players! Special Order.

Tung Sol EL34B - $54.95  pair/duet
Not your typical EL34 as it blends together characteristics of an EL34 and a 6L6. It has the crunchy quality of a 6L6 until driven hard and it then it takes on some qualities of a pushed EL34 though it is not as compressed or smooth as most EL34's so it offers increased touch response. Special Order.

Tung Sol KT66 - $71.95  pair/duet
The Tung-Sol KT66 is just what the tone doctor orders if you are looking for a high quality and cost effective alternative to NOS KT66. Much like other KT66's - Big bottom end, mids are more prominent than most KT66's, extended/glassy top end, smooth but with little compression. If you want that famous Bluesbreaker sound – check'em out! Special Order.


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Electro Harmonix, Genalex, Svetlana, Mullard, Sovtek, Tung Sol, etc
Brief facts - These name and assocated trademarks are owned by the New Sensor Corporation and manufactured at their Xpo-Pul / Reflektor factory in Saratov, Russia. New Sensor is an American corporation and since taking ownership of the Reflektor factory they have been focused on improving the quality and design of modern production tubes.


Shuguang / Sino
Brief facts - Typically manufactured in the Shuguang factory in China, Sino Chinese tubes have under gone vast improvements since their introduction. Both reliability and tone have improved tremendously. Do not dismiss these as a majority of boutique and major modern amp manufacturers use these tubes as original equipment.


SED "Winged C" / Svetlana
SED Winged "C" tubes are made by SED SPb, a division of J.S.C. Svetlana in St. Petersburg, Russia. SED tubes are well known for their quality and superb tonal characteristics. The new logo incorporates the Russian factory symbol that appears on all SED-made tubes; all current production SED tubes will have the "Winged C" logo.





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