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For maximum reliability all tubes are properly Burned-In,  Tested / Selected for maximum tone

Voodoo Amps™ carries a variety of tubes to meet your needs. We do not carry tubes that simply meet spec, but rather only stock tubes that test above spec. All of our tubes are properly burned-in on burn-in racks that we have designed. We then test, select and match  tubes. This increases reliability, tone and performance. Your tubes will sound better, feel better and  last longer!


Brand Type Each Description
Electro-Harmonix 5U4GBEH $19.95 Russian, This classic big bottle 5U4GB rectifier is the tube of choice for many players, tube compression and articulate AC/DC conversion. Fits any 5U4 socket. Excellent replacement for Mesa Rectifier series amplifiers
Ruby 5U4GC $19.95 Chinese, Classic large envelope rectifier tube for natural tube compression / sag with a smooth feel. Excellent replacement for Mesa Rectifier series amplifiers
Ruby 5AR4 / GZ34 $19.99 Chinese, One of the highest quality 5AR4's on the market today, tighter than a 5Y3 or 5U4 but still has a nice tube compression / smooth sag  feel. Can be used as an upgrade in some circuits using 5Y3GT or 5U4GB, check with your tech before installing
Ruby 5Y3GTC $TBA Chinese, One of the best 5Y3's on the market, the 5Y3 offers the most tube compression / sag compared to the 5AR4 or 5U4


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