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Artist Endorsement



Voodoo Amps® offers a 3-tier Artist Endorsement Program designed for players of all levels. IE: high profile players, players on the rise and YouTube players. We build gear to survive the riggers of a world tour and offer the highest level of tech support on the music industry.

We offer the following to our Professional / Touring Tier-1 Endorsees;

Voodoo Tech Support™ is the highest level of artist tech support in the industry. Both you & your tech will receive the personal cell phone # of our founder / president Trace Davis as well as his Skype account info.

  • Voodoo Tech Support™ includes real time;
  • Trouble shooting & Diagnosis via phone or On-Site Service
  • Live Rig & Tonal Consultation
  • Retubing & Biasing
  • Modifications

Voodoo comes to you! Voodoo On-Site Tech Support™  also includes onsite service for repairs, maintenance, retubes, etc. We are available by appointment to come to the arena/venue for onsite maintenance, retubes, repairs & service. 



LEVEL-A   Established Players / International Touring Artists

  • Call (607) 256-0465 or email
  • Ask to speak with Trace Davis (Founder / President)
  • Voodoo Product & Voodoo Modification Endorsements available


LEVEL-B   Up & Coming Artists / Regional Touring Artists

  • Voodoo Product & Voodoo Modification Endorsements available
  • Email submissions to
  • Please include the following;
  • Press / bio
  • Links to websites (IE: YouTube, Facebook, etc)


LEVEL-C   YouTube Artists - The power of Youtube!

  • Got the skills to make HD video clips with controlled audio?
  • If you are good player but are not touring and you are able to make great videos - we want to know about you!
  • Email us 2-3 YouTube links!
  • Voodoo Product & Voodoo Modification Endorsements available


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