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Suspending Modifications – Covid has brought about a great deal of change as well as on going challenges in every industry. For us supply chain issues has been an on going problem and we have been doing our best to manage it. A vast majority of the work we do is for the pros and we’ve tried to reserve approximately 10% for the general public.



After a 2 year break due to the pandemic all national and international touring artists are in preparations for 2023 as it is expected to be one of the busiest touring years in decades. Additionally in 2023 we will be releasing the high quality PCB equipped Dual Lead Series amp line. As such the demand on my time has never been greater and there is not enough of me to go around. As July 27th 2022 we are suspending Modifications to the public until further notice. We will be finalizing all in house orders by the end of December 2022. 



Modification Warranties are still 100% valid. Warranty claims will go through our good friend and all around amazing amp tech Mr. Lane Sparber who resides in Long Island, NY. 



On a personal note, I founded the company in 1998 out of a spare bedroom of an apartment with the modest goal of bringing Pro Tone to the public. Over the years we have pushed the envelope on the Modification Business and I am so very proud of the work we have done. We’ve established amazing relationships and in many cases forged life long friendships with so many of you that there simply aren’t words for how truly grateful I am for that. With extreme gratitude please let me say thank you for your continued support, it means everything to me and more. – Trace Davis, President / Founder


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A couple months ago our website was hacked. Many updates were lost including the News Page, price updates & more. We are working on a new website & as our site is just under 1,000 pages we kindly ask for your patience as we will launch the new site as soon as its completed. Many thanks & don't forget to do a kindness along the way for someone. Thank you - Trace Davis, President / Founder

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Big Rock Tones! - Airbourne – A few months ago we posted that I had spent time in Nashville TN working with Australian based band Airbourne as they were in recording their new record 'Boneshaker' with producer Dave Cobb in RCA Studio A. It was awesome working with such great people, great to hear a record tracked on 2" tape & we had an amazing time all the way around! We restored some older Marshalls & Modded some Marshalls that were used by Joel O'Keeffe & our Voodoo V-Plex 50/100 amp head was used by Harri Harrison. Here's a YouTube video of 'Boneshaker' to give you an idea of the tones that were captured


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Joe Perry of Aerosmith – Here is a quick pic of our little tech area tucked away behind the stage in the Springfield MA arena. Back in 2015 I designed a custom circuit for Joe, which also included Custom Designed Mercury Magnetics Transformers & we installed this into (2) Marshall JCM800 2203x Reissue amps.

Fast forward - Joe wanted some additional control over the low end & lower midrange frequencies. We designed & installed 2 new additional control features effectively allowing Joe to be able to control how much low end & lower mids he wants in his tone. As per his request we installed them on the front panel of the amps for easy access.

Pictured in this photo is an older vintage Super PA amp that we have Modified in the past. It was getting a retube & we also have some more work we are doing (more to follow shortly). In addition to that we retubed & biased some amps, performed work on others as well as the sweetening up the rig over all.

Note – While there is a Variac that can be seen in this photo it is for tech work only. IE: There are no Variacs in Joe Perry’s or Brad Whitford’s rigs.

Have a great day, feel free to share as you like & don’t forget to do a kindness for someone along the way today – Trace Davis, President / Founder Voodoo Amps
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Joe Perry of Aerosmith – We’ve been super busy & haven’t had a chance to post this until now. Here is a vintage blond Bassman we Modified & can be heard in Joe’s live rig with Aerosmith throughout their Vegas residency. This amp had been in Joe’s storage locker for some time & was strident in the high end, hard to play & in need of some well deserved TLC. For more info please read on!

We performed a CapJob with custom values as well as new 2 watt resistors in B+ / high voltage rail, we converted the stock Bias Supply over to an adjustable Bias Supply, rebuilt the Rectifier & Bias Supply board as it had been poorly worked on by a prior tech. Numerous carbon comp resistors were off tolerance & noisy, Several coupling & signal caps were leaking DC & there were a great deal of cold solder connections from the previous tech. We repaired all the cold solder connections & proceeded forward with Modding the amp to better suit Joe’s playing style as well as blend with the rest of his live rig.

The stock AC Power Cable has been replaced with a thin orange extension cord. We replaced this with one of our Voodoo V50/50 8FT IE Power Cables. We disconnected the Ground switch, Properly cleaned all control pots as well as all tube sockets, grounds & placed the amp on our proprietary break in rig before shipping the amp out to Las Vegas. Over all we rebuilt 90% of the amplifier.

This is just a brief over view of the work performed & we have 2 additional vintage black face Bassmans we are currently finalizing as well as a vintage Vox AC30 combo for Joe. We also have a new product we are working on per Joe's request, more to follow on that soon.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask & I will reply as time allows. Happy 4th of July holiday to those who reside here in the USA! Please feel free to share as you like or tag a friend! Have an amazing day today & don’t forget to do a kindness for someone along the way – Trace Davis, President / Founder

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Johnny Stachela of the Allman Betts Band - Been on the road with this blues rock powerhouse working on & Modding vintage Fender Black Face Super Reverbs & Concerts! Just finished up a ‘63 Concert complete with Oxford speakers for slide virtuoso Mr Johnny Stachela just before show time in Rochester NY. The amp sounds killer, plays effortlessly & you can lean in as notes swell into natural feedback.

The new full length album ‘Down To The River’ was recorded live at Muscles Shoals & yesterday charted at #1 on iTunes rock charts.

Many thanks to the band’s tech Aldynne ‘Aldy’ Glanton for taking the photo & to the entire band & crew for their hospitality! Don’t forget to do a kindness for someone along the way - Trace Davis, President / Founder

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Heading out on the road & will return shortly! – Trace Davis, President / Founder

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The legendary Joe Perry of Aerosmith tearin’ it up live in Las Vegas! We just received 3 older Fender Bassman amp heads to go through next for for Joe so stay tuned for more tonal goodness once we finish those! Feel free to share as you like & do a kindness for someone along the way today – Trace Davis, President / Founder

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Chris Traynor of Bush! – Last summer we were out on the road with Bush & took a close up pic of Chris’ Live Rig showing the Platinum Modified JMP-1 Preamp. We also have a rack mount Dual Rectifier in the shop being worked on as well as a Platinum Mod to a Marshall EL34 100/100 power amp. Chris is an amazing guitarist & has played with other acts such as Helmet, Orange 9mm, Blur & has been a session guitarist on countless recordings.

This is the same Mod we've done for other players such as;

Billy F. Gibbons - ZZ Top
Brad Whitford - Aerosmith
Dave Murry - Iron Maiden
Keith Urban
Barry Stock - Three Days Grace
Vivian Campbell - Def Leppard / Whitesnake / Dio
Jason Hook - 5 Finger Death Punch
Neal Schon - Journey
Michael Wilton - Queensryche
Billy Corgan - Smashing Pumpkins & many others!

Marshall JMP-1 Platinum Mod Info & FAQ's

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Frank Hannon of Tesla! – Back in September of 2018 we designed a Signature Series Platinum Modification for the amazingly talented Frank Hannon. I met with Frank while he was on tour with Tesla & we hung out for a bit. We talked guitars & looked inside a few guitars, talked amps, pedals & more. I was able to watch his hands up close as he played back stage, which tells me volumes about how a player wants an amp to feel as well as respond.

I took a Marshall JCM900 100 watt, model 4100 back with me to the shop. I set about designing a Custom Modification for Frank’s playing style & installed the Mod into the amp. I then drew up specs for a set of Custom Transformers to work hand-in-hand with the circuitry Mods & sent the specs to Mercury Magnetics. The result is a Frank Hannon Platinum Modification that sounds & feels amazing to play on! 

Frank has been gigging with this amp ever since he received it. If you haven not had the pleasure of seeing Tesla live I would highly recommend it as they are truly amazing! Frank Hannon & Dave Rude are among the top guitar duos out there and it’s been a honor to work them.

Special thanks to Frank Hannon, Ernie Hudson & the entire Tesla crew for their hospitality & incredibly good times on the road! Feel free to share as you like & do a kindness for someone along the way today – Trace Davis, President / Founder Voodoo Amplification

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