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 Buy it online & Ship it straight to Voodoo!


Instruct seller to place your name on the outside of the package
Email completed Mod-Form™ to us
Email us to confirm the info on Mod-Form™
Email us the tracking number
That's it! 


Do I have to type out the info? – Yes. Hand written forms can be difficult to read and we want to make it as error free as possible.

How do you recommend that I have the amp shipped?  We recommend UPS Ground Shipping or FedEx Ground and DHL is also acceptable. We recommend against USPS as we have experienced a high number of damages with this carrier verses others. For more info please visit our shipping and packing page.

What is the seller forgets to put my name & address on the package?  You will need to correspond with the seller on this as we will not be able to make changes to the shipment as we are not the shipper. 

How do I know when my amp has been delivered to you?  Your tracking number will confirm the date and time of delivery. UPS , FedEx , DHL

What happens next & what is the Mod process? Please visit our Mod Process & FAQ's page as it will answer the most commonly asked questions about the Mod process, how it works so you know what to expect.

What if the item is damaged or does not work properly?  We will contact you and provide a preliminary diagnosis.

Will you repair the item?  We have not offered repairs to the pubic for several years as we have been so busy with Modifications and manufacturing our own products. Depending on the product and extent of damage we may make an exception & repair the item but this is on a case by case basis. 

Upon request we can provide digital photos of the unpacking process, explanation of damage(s) as well as an "estimate of repair" so that you can provide this to the seller.

Processing Fee  A processing fee of $200.00 will be assigned for all items that are damaged beyond repair or are to be returned to seller. IE: bench time to diagnose item, processing/providing necessary photos, preparing damage/repair statement(s), phone calls, faxes, emails, etc. generally requires 1 to 1.5 hours of time.

Rebate of Processing Fee  100% of the Processing Fee may be applied to a future Modification.

Terms & conditions  

  • Original invoice/receipt containing processing fee
  • Include original invoice/receipt with item being Modified
  • Rebate must be used within 6 months from the date of original invoice / receipt
  • Rebate is non-transferable


 Mod-Form  /  Mod Process & FAQ's  /  Packing & Shipping  /  Reviews  /  Contact  /  Voodoo Myspace

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Customer Feedback  "I saved money on shipping by purchasing a Marshall JCM800 2203 off from eBay and had the seller ship it straight to Voodoo Amps for their HG-Jose Mod. They were very professional and the entire process was painless, highly recommended!" Howard Cluney, CA

Customer Feedback  "You guys have been so easy to deal with and I could not imagine it being any easier than this. Thanks guys!!" Michael Lancaster, WI

Customer Feedback  "Having these tone gurus in your corner is worth it's weight in gold. To date I've sent 5 amps to them and they've had my back each and every time. If anything was wrong or needed repair the sellers always paid. Voodoo has my business forever." Chris Nicolae

Customer Feedback  "I've heard about it for years but Voodoo Amps' customer service is outstanding. I live in Japan and bought a Mesa Rectifier through eBay. They shipped it directly to Voodoo and they installed a power transformer for me so I would not have to use a step-down transformer. They shipped the amp to me and I could not be happier" Alex So, Japan

Customer Feedback  "It's the easiest thing I've ever done! I clicked by it now, followed the 4 steps and the amp showed up on my door step already Modified. Now that kicks ass!" Harmony Central Forums

Customer Feedback  "Thank you so much! You guys saved me over $80 in shipping costs by having the seller ship it straight to you!" John Rainey, AZ

Customer Feedback  "The amp arrived at Voodoo and was hacked up. Voodoo took several high resolution photos, notated where the issues were, emailed them to me and the seller covered the repairs. Voodoo Amps customer service is second to none and they now have a customer for life!" Jonathan Melton, IA

Customer Feedback  "We've all heard horror stories about buying amps off from eBay and I've been burned before. I called Voodoo Amps and expressed my concerns. They walked me through their process and assured me they would stand behind me if something was wrong with the amp. Well the amp arrived damaged beyond repair!! They invested over 3 hours of their time and only charged me $75 but I was awarded a full damage claim. Now how the hell do you beat that?!" Jesse Bizon, FL

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