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Break-In Service



  • What does breaking in an amp mean? –  On average resistors, capacitors, wires speakers, etc take 35-40 hours to break in where as transformers contain substantially more metals and take approximately 100 hours of playing time to break-in.
  • How long does it take on your Break-In Rig? -  Depending on the amount of work being performed it takes 24-48 hours and is equivalent to playing on your amplifier for 100 hours. .
  • What is the difference? –  After the break in process the lows are deeper / richer, mids are more focused / clear, highs are more open / round, the tone is smoother / easier to play, sustain is increased and the over all tone is much more three dimensional. 
  • Pricing For Break-In Service
  • Amp Head -  $50 
  • Preamp - $50
  • Power Amp - Mono $50 
  • Power Amp - Stereo $100
  • Speakers - $15 each

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