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 Don't just take our word for It


Customer Feedback  "I purchased this amp used but had quite a bit of contact with Trace at Voodoo before I purchased the amp. Trace is one of the nicest dudes I have ever dealt with. He answered all of my questions and made helpful suggestions. He answers e-mails quickly and is only a phone call away if you have more involved questions or concerns." Josh Paniagus, IN

Customer Feedback  "Trace is very professional & a cool dude too. I had been stringing him along for a year or so, claiming I would soon send him something to mod for me. He always answered my emails & was a gentleman throughout. When I finally did send something I was kept up to date & it was back to me in a week and he followed up to see how I liked it as well. That's good service!!" Mark Payne

Customer Feedback  "Trace is THE MAN!! Super duper cool in returning email and also a nice guy on the phone....he took what I put down on email and put it into the amp and sent her back to me! - Paul Balmer




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