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Lead Times


Updated June 10th, 2016 - Due to increased business & we are running at max capacity, we are no longer accepting repairs. Please note; Standard Modification Prices will be increasing an additional $100 or more & prices on website will be updated over the next several weeks. If you already have an item(s) here at our facility prior to June 10th 2016, original Standard Mod prices will be honored.    

  • Due to business increasing please call or email for lead times.
  • Custom ModsAny order the goes beyond a Standardized Mod / Product build, is considered a Custom Mod / Build. There are no guaranteed turn around times for Custom Mods and Builds. IE: some Mods are more simplistic in design while others are much more in depth. Trace Davis designs all Custom Mods & performs the final fine like tweaking so each amp sounds & feels as intended. Approximate turn around time 6-9 months & longer in certain cases.


Do you offer a Rush Service? 

  • Rush Service -  Rush orders are accepted and the total is an additional 50% of the total bill less shipping / handling costs.
  • Note -- Rush Orders must be agreed upon in advance and /or prior to shipping your unit or dropped off in person. This is necessary to ensure we can accommodate your schedule & needs.


  • Turn around times can be extended or lengthened depending on how busy we are. If you are on a tight schedule please check with us prior to shipping your amp or you are welcome to use our Rush Service.
  • Note - Turn around times are extended if an unit requires De-Modification and / or repair. IE: Extra work takes extra time.

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