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Voodoo Amps® Tube Buffered FX-Loop Upgrade  


"Professional Tube Buffered FX-Loop for players who demand the very best tone!" 



Description / Specs:

  • Most transparent Loop on the market
  • Same Loop as used in our Voodoo Production amps
  • 100% Hand Wired - No pcb
  • Superior tone & performance over solid state FX-Loops
  • Effects are more dynamic & open sounding
  • A must for those who demand a great FX-Loop
  • For use with effect pedals & rack mounted units
  • Perfect for delays, pitch shifting, modulation based effects & more!
  • No phase issues like there is with Parallel Loops
  • Noise free operation
  • FX 'Send' jack can be used as a preamp line out
  • FX 'Return' jack can be used as a power amp input (IE: use your amp head as a power amp!) 
  • To upgrade to this control feature please add to "notes section" of Mod-Form 
  • Want more versatility?
  • If you need Send & Return Level Control Pots please add $200.00
  • Voodoo Mods™ retain your amps resale value verses decreasing it
  • Pricing may vary depending on make & model of amp

Installation Notes:

  • Added 1/4 Send and Return jacks
  • Added (1) 12AX7 preamp tube - Drilling required on most amps
  • Installation of Send & Return jacks may or may not require drilling
  • Location of Send & Return jacks is dependent on amp make / model - Email with questions 
  • Installation of FX-Loop varies depending on amp make / model due to physical space restrictions 
  • Note sure if this can be added to your amp? - Email with questions


"Get inspired - upgrade your tone now!" 

Voodoo Amps® is the Leader in Tube Amp Mods & Upgrades

Pricing, features & specifications subject to change without notice




"We have countless Mods & features available & will be adding to the site daily!"

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Customer Feedback  "If you are serious about your effects and do not want to compromise your tone then go with the Tube Buffered FX-Loop or upgrade to the XL version. I checked out the work inside and it's impeccable." Ray Weber, WA

Customer Feedback  "The FX loop sounds great! Very full and versatile." - Marc, Harmony Central Reviews

Customer Feedback  "The Eventide Eclipse and my Lexicon reverb units sound awesome through your loop! A friend of mine has a TC Electronics G-Major and much to my surprise it makes this thing punchy and velvety." Harry Thrumble, UK

Customer Feedback  "I have done the route of trying other amp mod techs and the FX-Loops were less than ideal for my needs. I read all the reviews and gave it one last try. Trace nailed it perfectly! This loop is light years better than anything else I have ever tried and I've tried tons of loops." Eric Tyner, NY

Customer Feedback  "If your looking for a transparent tube buffered effects loop then this one will do the job. I don't know how they do it but Trace really hit this one right on the nose. This effects loop sounds awesome, delays, flangers, chorus sounds awesome and as far as the tone being different when you plug into the loop, I really cant tell a difference in tone. That's what you call  transparent and let me tell you I am a tone junky. If there is a difference in tone I will be the first to tell you so if you are thinking about putting this loop on your amp don't hesitate. Spend the money because when you get it back you'll be glad you did. Trace congrats again on a job well done. Rock on." - Fred Storage, MI

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