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Reviews - Peavey 5150 / 6505 Series

Customer Feedback  I had my 5150 Platinum Modified a few years ago by you guys and I've always loved it. I  heard you did a Platinum Mod for the band "Bury Your Dead." I really like those guys so I decided to take a chance and have mine updated to the most recent version of the Mod. OMFG it makes a MASSIVE difference!! There's tons more sustainm gobs of useable gain and some pretty hefty bottom end. Everything sounds brutal and the only way I could be happier is if I had a Voodoo 41x2 cabinet ;) Thanks a lot guys - Eric Karmen, CA

Customer Feedback  I just wanted to drop a line and let you know I got to try out that 5150 mod and repairs you guys provided. It sounds absolutely phenomenal, incredibly articulate with a buttload of gain. Clean channel sounds decent, too. Thanks again Team Voodoo. Kick ass work! Kyle Heath, NY

Customer Feedback  F@CKING METAL! Holy shit was it rockin! I won't sell it now....the balls it has, wow....all taken away by the effects sends....f@ck my rack gear...I am just going with the head now, except for the g-major which I will flip on for solos or clean. - Rick Lorde, CA

Customer Feedback  The lead channel is as BRUTAL/CRUSHING as any production amplifier, yet is more refined and complex at the same time (if that makes sense). The ultra high-gain textures have a classy, boutique vibe that I though could only be attained by spending thousands more. Single notes have a thickness and wallop to them was previously unheard of from any Peavey. The cleans are now passable, which is an aspect of this amp I had completely written off! The "middle" channel (Clean with the crunch and bright switch engaged) may be the biggest surprise of all...very cool indeed. I can come within a hair of nailing a very Adam Jones TOOL type of tone in this mode. Fantastic Classic rock and 80's metal can be dialed in with relative ease...GOOD STUFF!!! - HC Review

Customer Feedback  Trace is not only a talented amp builder, but he's also a great business man, and he's also now my friend. After talking with him for about a year trying to find out just what I was looking for in an amp, he and I have gotten to be buds and I honestly can't say enough good things about him. E-mail him or call him for yourself and you'll agree! He will do anything within his power to make sure his customers are satisfied. - Sean Kent, GA

Customer Feedback  The amp is not noisy at all. You can get a wide array of sounds with the modifications done by Trace Allen. I was basically looking for a Hot Rodded Marshall sound (Zakk Wylde, Vivian Campbell, George Lynch, Warren De Martini). This amp is an entirely different amp from the one I originally bought. You can get that great Marshall hot rodded sound with ease. The amp also gives you a better clean channel. Before I got it modded, I couldn't roll back the volume knob without still getting some distortion. Now I can roll that volume knob back and get a great clean sound, with lots more headroom than before. The distortion is still brutal on this amp, but it is more refined. There is more articulation and definition of notes when soloing with the mods done by Trace. The lower notes still sound chunky, but more tightness. Trace took the excess of compression and harshness from the amp. Know I can play the type of music I like (80's metal, hard rock and "shred" music without a problem.

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