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Repair Lead Time


What are your turn around times for Standard Maintenance & Repairs? 

  • Approximate Turn Around Times
  • Retubing & Bias -  5-7 business days. Faster turn around times can be accommodated & a Rush Fee may or may not apply.
  • Note: If item requires additional repair - please see "Repairs: listed below
  • CapJobs / Replacing Filter Caps - 7-9 business days. Faster turn around times can be accommodated & a Rush Fee may or may not apply. 
  • Repairs -  We do not offer guaranteed turn around times for repairs. IE: Some repairs are much easier than others and hence can be turned around faster. Some repairs are much more in depth and require additional time, hence a longer turn around time is necessary.

Do you offer a Rush Service? 

  • Rush Service -  Rush orders are accepted and the total is an additional 50% of the total bill less shipping / handling costs.
  • Note -- Rush Orders must be agreed upon in advance and /or prior to shipping your unit or dropped off in person. This is necessary to ensure we can accommodate your schedule & needs.


  • Turn around times can be extended or lengthened depending on how busy we are. If you are on a tight schedule please check with us prior to shipping your amp or you are welcome to use our Rush Service.
  • Note - Turn around times are extended if an unit requires De-Modification and / or repair. IE: Extra work takes extra time.


What if I want to get my amp Modded but it also needs to be repaired? 

  • Approximate Turn Around Times
  • 1st item must be repaired -  Items must first be repaired before they can be Modified. See Repair turn around times below
  • Item will then be Modified -  Once your item has been properly repaired it will be moved into our Modification Department to be Modded. Please see Mod turn around times above.
  • Note - For an approximate turn time - Add Repair & Mod turn around times together 


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