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Voodoo Amp Mods

   Standard, Deluxe Mods & Upgrades


signature & block letter models

5150 2x12 Combo Mods  New & Improved!
Standard Mod™  $895.00
Deluxe Mod™  $1504.00



  Standard Mod™  $895.00
Circuitry Modifications


  • New & Improved! as of 09-09
  • Improved feel - smoother & easier to play!
  • Increased sustain & Increased gain
  • Improved bottom end - deeper & punchier
  • Improved pinch harmonics!
  • All Modifications are exclusive to Voodoo Amps®  
  • 5150 / 6505 Series is one of the top 5 amps we mod the most
  • Restructure the gain - reduce the fizzy/fuzzy/buzzy qualities while retaining the high gain/distortion
  • All gain is useable - No matter how much gain you use you can still hear all the notes within the chords
  • Lower / reduced background noise
  • Faster attack - tracks every note you play immediately
  • Improved note articulation - more articulate/defined/clear
  • Increased sustain - Smoother and more fluid 
  • Improved harmonic content  
  • Lows, mids to highs are much more balanced 
  • Reduced smeary / mushy bottom end
  • Cranked tones at lower volumes & sounds great at stage volumes
  • EQ section is much more active and responsive allowing for unlimited tonal possibilities
  • Amp will cut through & sit in the mix much better live as well as in the recording studio
  • All features & functions still operate the same - no holes drilled
  • Channel one/clean channel - is more cleaner & more open sounding 
  • Note: Channel 1 makes for a better crunch channel verses a clean channel - if you want a better clean  channel we recommend a 5150 II or 6505 Plus
  • Note: We do not modify the FX-Loop or the switching system
  • Note: Add-On Controls are not available for this model
  • Mods apply to both signature and block letter models
  • Upgrade to improved Mod $100.00
  • Voodoo Mods™ retain your amps resale value verses decreasing it


  Deluxe Mod™  $1504.00
Standard Mod + Output Transformer = Deluxe Mod


  • Includes Standard Mod™ (see above)
  • Includes Upgraded Voodoo-Designed™ VA-5150C-O Output Transformer
  • $409.00 & $200.00 Installation fee (included)
  • Superior tone over stock output transformer
  • Massive rhythm tones - when you hit a chord it's there immediately
  • Increased sustain - leads are smoother & more fluid
  • Effortless Pinch / artificial harmonics
  • Greatly improved articulation & definition
  • Increased / richer bass response
  • Increased even-order harmonics (IE: sounds much more musical)
  • Superior quality & performance over stock output transformer
  • Increased headroom (punchier & louder at gigging/stage volumes)
  • Important - Combo cabinets are not accepted for items shipped in - Please ship chassis only
  • Deluxe Mod™ will give you the best tone, feel & performance possible


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