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Repair FAQ's



How much will it be to repair my amp -  It depends on the extent of damage and the time to diagnose / repair the unit. Without the amp in front of us it's very difficult to give an accurate estimate. Some units have known failure rates and if you own such a unit we can provide a rough estimate for you.

Do you provide daily updates –  We are ranked as the largest Modification company in the world and Modify 350-450 amps a year. In order to keep turn around times as short as possible we fore go daily updates.

What if I have questions –  Please call the main shop line Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST / NY time at (607)-256-0465 as this is usually the fastest way to get in touch with us.

I'm not sure if my amp needs new tubes, can you let me know –  Yes, please notate the following in the 'Notes' section of the Repair Form; "Please check the tubes & let me know if you feel the sound & feel of the amp would benefit from replacing the tubes." - Once the repairs or service have been completed we will then asses the tubes & make the necessary recommendations.

My local tech worked on my amp and it's still not right, can you fix it -  We receive a great many amps where the workmanship is less than ideal but fear not as we can certainly get your amp back to 100% working order for you. bel. You are also welcome to call us Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST (NY time) at 607-256-0465

Will I get a receipt for the work that has been performed –  An itemized receipt & packing slip will be attached to the outside of the package. This is considered your 'original sales receipt' & is the only receipt that is accepted for warranty claims.

Can you retube my amp for me -  Yes and there is a $45 service fee for proper biasing and installation.

If I provide tubes will you install and bias them for me -  Yes and there is a $45.00 fee to install and properly bias the tubes.
Can I order tubes from you -  Yes you can and please visit our Tube page



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